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Juin Juillet 2017 Août

To respond to Cybercrime incidents an investigate for determining Root cause, EBRC and Guidance Software launched “Cybersecurity & Forensics-as-a-Service” with EnCase® Endpoint Security. No other solution offers the same level of functionality, flexibility, and has the track record of court-acceptance.


208, rue de Noertzange
Kay, L-3670 Luxembourg

A delegation from the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) will present its developments in standardization, research and education for many areas such as cyber security, Internet of Things and 5G for the first time in Luxembourg.


9, avenue des Hauts-Fourneaux Esch-Belval
Luxembourg, L-4362 Luxembourg

Discover 3 security startups "made in" Luxembourg: Trust1Team, L7 Defense and Passbolt. Don't miss this summer edition.

Luxembourg Software Testing Event 2017

5, Avenue des Hauts-Fourneaux
Esch sur Alzette, L-4362 Luxembourg

How IoT will change the world we know   By Carlos Eduardo Perez  IoT is called to be the next...

Luxembourg Software Testing Event 2017

6, Boulevard Grande-Duchesse Charlotte
Luxembourg, Luxembourg L-1330 Luxembourg