First Blockchain Bootcamp in Luxembourg

By on March 18, 2016

Marc Andreessen, co-founder of Andreessen Horowitz, stated, “Blockchain’s distributed consensus model is the most important invention since the Internet itself.” Luxembourg School of Business is organizing the first edition of its “Blockchain Bootcamp,” a two-day event that will take place on April 15 and 16 in Luxembourg. We asked Marin Njavro, the Managing Director of Luxembourg School of Business, to give us more details about the agenda for the Blockchain Bootcamp and why he decided to set up the event.

Par Charles-Louis Machuron – SiliconLuxembourg

In case you haven’t heard about it yet, Blockchain is a new and fast evolving technology that is creating fundamental changes in personal finance, business, financial markets and banking worldwide. Its most popular product is the virtual currency “Bitcoin.” While Bitcoin has gained most of the media attention, Blockchain has already found its application in many industries – specifically finance, law and supply chain management.

Giants like Microsoft, IBM and large financial institutions are investing considerable resources into Blockchain, betting that its applications are going to transform the way many industries operate. Investments into Blockchain-related startups have increased exponentially in recent months.

What is the Luxembourg School of Business?

Luxembourg School of Business was founded in 2014, as a graduate business school here in Luxembourg. Our goal is to create a globally recognized graduate business school that offers world-class education right here in Luxembourg (including MBA programs and Executive Education programs), attracts students and talented professionals from all over the world to Luxembourg, and does cutting-edge research activities.

Do you teach FinTech to your students?

Why did you decide to organize a Blockchain Bootcamp in Luxembourg?

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