Where is Europe’s Next Silicon Valley?

By on February 16, 2016

European Startup Initiative in partnership with Allianz Cultural Foundation and Atomico Ventures launches a survey to map Startup Europe. Where is Europe’s Next Silicon Valley? Cast your vote for your favorite startup places in Europe.

Luxembourg on the map

Vote for your favorite startup hubs in Europe on www.startupheatmap.eu – The non-profit european startup initiative, supported by the Allianz Cultural Foundation and Atomico Ventures, started a European-wide survey on the most popular startup places on the continent.

By asking “Where would you startup?” the group is creating a live map, which shows both where people come from and where they want to go. Founders who answer their survey can directly see the traces they leave on the map.

Co-Initiator Alexander Thannhuber explains the reasoning behind: “Everyone can say where startups are today, but we want to predict, where they will go tomorrow. It is like on the stock market, only the future matters.”

Promote your startup in Luxembourg

By mapping founders’ perceptions about European startup hubs, the Startup Heatmap creates a complete novel way of looking at the European startup scene, showing much more than the attractiveness of the top three hubs, but the interconnectivity of startup scenes all around Europe. Also, finding out about the drivers behind movement of startups and potential patterns, will help to understand why some places are hyped and others fail to attract the young creatives. In spring the team behind the survey wants to publish a detailed report on their findings. Already few startup describe their project in Luxembourg, don’t hesitate to share it too.

Already before its publication the survey stirred high attention from experts. Tom Wehmeier, head of research at investment firm Atomico Ventures, says about the Startup Heatmap: “Being able to understand the actual and potential movement of founders between hubs will be incredibly valuable for us.”

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