Discover LUXHUB ONE: State of the art account aggregation

Do you want to aggregate accounts and initiate payments through PSD2 APIs of major European banks in an easy way?

LUXHUB One represents an integration layer giving access to any financial institution via One single API and allowing you to build customized services and user experience.

Account Aggregation                                         Payment Initiation


As the 2nd largest open banking in Europe, LUXHUB is a strong advocate of APIs as a dedicated PSD2 interface. We are happy to introduce LUXHUB One, a state-of-the-art product for account aggregation and payment initiation, a solution helping you leverage Open Banking and providing a fast and simple way to integrate Service Provider’s API.

What LUXHUB One is about

Account aggregation

Access bank account information on behalf of the end user and build innovative solutions based on real time data. Here are just a few examples of solutions you can build using the data accessible via LUXHUB One:

  • 360° view of user accounts
  • Personal financial management
  • Income verification
  • Credit Scoring
  • Up-selling / Cross –selling


Payment initiation

Make payments and money transfers directly from a bank account. LUXHUB One can help your users to initiate payments for any purpose, for example:

  • Deposit money to their account within your application
  • Pay invoices
  • Transfer money between friends
  • Setup recurring money transfers
  • Move money between company accounts (treasury management)

Get the most of LUXHUB One

Improve your customers financial life and offer them an aggregated overview of all their accounts.

Use account aggregation or payment initiation flow and security profiles, regardless of the API standard used by the account service provider.

Easy Integration of One API thanks to a clear and complete documentation.

Access your customers’ bank accounts in real time to create useful and innovative services.

Reduce uncertainty, rely on us to monitor and implement API changes for all providers.

Why LUXHUB Is your trusted partner

Strong banking knowledge and agility of a start-up

Active in 10 European countries

Expertise in connectivity and standard interfaces

Infrastructures hosted in a highly Tier 4 Data Center

A complete toolbox to facilitate integration and testing



One dedicated and passionate team to make your integration journey as smooth as possible based on your needs.

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