Luxembourg Internet Days

Join us in Luxembourg, the ICT Hub at the heart of Europe.

The “Luxembourg Internet Days” has cemented its position of key event for ICT professionals with the presence of highest-quality speakers, its relevant subjects selection and it’s rather technical and pragmatic approach.

This all, plus its interesting design split between conferences, interactive debates, an expo, focussed work groups and networking sessions, have contributed to attract an increasing number of visitors over the years, travelling from the whole Europe as well as from across the globe.

In 2017, two major subjects will be treated:

– Digitalization, or how SMEs can make the most of the increasingly digitalized world they struggle with whatever the sector.

– Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS) attacks, which tend to raise themselves as a growing danger for the globe’s economy, much beyond the only ICT landscape.

Special focus on SMEs challenges with a broad range of interactive sessions powered by expert partners that will run in parallel to the conferences, including Serious Games, open-tables on Security know-How” and an open “SMEs Forum” offering focused workshops aiming to provide SMEs’ business managers with answers to their specific questions.

Join us in Luxembourg, the ICT Hub at the heart of Europe and enjoy an enriching gathering!



Digitalization, or how any company, SMEs included, can make the most of the increasingly digitalized world they struggle with, whatever the sector.

Many clarifications to this huge subject will be brought!

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DDoS ATTACKS – Nov. 15

DDoS attacks represent a growing danger for much more than “just” the ICT landscape; protection against this new threat may become the big challenge ICT players will have to overcome for the globe’s economy and balance.

Many questions, many answers and different technical approaches will be offered!

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SMEs Sessions – Nov. 14 & 15

English and/or French

Rich free to access sessions will help SMEs decision makers open the doors to exciting possibilities and enter an era of infinite potential with Digitalization, experience their security process in case of threat with a “Game of Threats“, discuss and validate their protection before danger shows up, etc.

Les décideurs de PMEs pourront gratuitement découvrir le champ des possibles offerts par la digitalisation, expérimenter une situation de crise grâce à un jeu de rôlediscuter ou valider leur protection avant que le danger ne se présente, etc.

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