Excellium and Reblaze Team Up to Improve Cloud Cybersecurity for Customers

Luxembourg, 30th October 2019 – The growing cloud adoption to deliver services exposes companies to ever bigger risks: large-scale data leaks, denial of service, cyber-attack and performance issue due to bots are forcing organizations to seek greater efficiency in cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is now a key issue for companies. Managing the cyber security risks of organization, and even more, remains a significant challenge.

Excellium, Luxembourg’s leading provider of cybersecurity services, and Reblaze, a cloud-based, fully-managed secure services provider, are working together to effectively protect economic players in Luxembourg and Belgium to strengthen digital resilience.

Reblaze is a cloud-based, fully managed protective shield for sites and web applications. Hostile traffic is blocked in the cloud, before it reaches the protected network.

Reblaze is a comprehensive web security solution, providing a next-gen WAF, DoS and DDoS protection, Bot management, API Security, scraping prevention, CDN, load balancing, and more.

The platform offers a unique combination of benefits. Machine learning provides accurate, adaptive threat detection. Dedicated Virtual Private Clouds ensure maximum privacy. Top-tier infrastructure assures maximum performance. Fine-grained ACLs enable precise traffic regulation. An intuitive web-based management console provides real-time traffic control. A one-month trial offer allows you to assess Reblaze with no cost, risk, or obligation.

Christophe Bianco, Managing Partner of Excellium : « Reblaze’s approach gives our customers more agility when it comes to cybersecurity, and improves the detection and response capabilities of our services. We complement our offer and support to our customers to increase their cyber security effectiveness».

“We are happy to announce our partnership with Excellium and provide our service to the Belux region. As a leader in Cyber Security, we strive to offer the best possible service to our customers and provide fast turnaround time for product implementation. The partnership with Excellium brings us one step closer to allowing our current and potential clients the optimal service they deserve, while working closely with a top tier consultancy and integration company in the region.”», Eyal Hayardeny, CEO & Co-Founder of Reblaze



Excellium  www.excellium-services.com :
Excellium Services is a company offering advisory and technology integration services in the domain of information security. Established over five years ago, in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, today the group has a presence in 7 countries, (Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Morocco, Tunisia, Senegal, and the Ivory Coast), and currently helps more than 140 clients.

With a workforce of more than 120 collaborators in specialized teams, with a particular strength in the areas of Application Security and Incident Management and recently awarded by ITOne “Best IT Security Provider of the year in 2018”.

Contacts : contact@excellium-services.com +352 26 20 39 64


Reblaze – www.reblaze.com/

Reblaze provides proprietary security technologies in a single, unified platform, shielding your assets from the myriad of threats found on the Internet. A ‘Reblazed’ site inhabits its own private, secure cloud on the Internet, fully accessible to legitimate traffic but invisible to assailants.

Our founders and senior management have decades of experience in technology and security, including extensive work with government agencies worldwide. Reblaze has already accumulated an impressive track record of defeating Internet attacks against high-profile clients. In addition to a vast partner network worldwide, Reblaze has a presence in the US, Singapore, and Israel.

Contact : hello@reblaze.com +972-73-2005200