Arηs Group

Arηs Group

We are a fully independent group of companies specialized in managing and delivering complex IT projects and systems. Founded in 2003, Arηs has been expanding continually − both geographically and in the services we provide − from year to year. Today Arηs is composed of ten entities across Luxembourg, Belgium, Italy, Greece and France, that are unifed by the Arηs Group. - Arηs Developments - Arηs Cube - Arηs Spikeseed - Arηs Consulting - Arηs Developments Belgium - Arηs Digital - Arηs Technology - Arηs Developments Hellas - Arηs Developments Italia - Fleetback This corporate structure enables us to respond quickly to market changes and customer requests, and to communicate and make decisions without layers of bureaucracy.

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Arηs espère sortir plus fort de la crise

L’année 2019 a été exceptionnelle pour Arηs: un chiffre d’affaires de 148,4 millions d’euros (soit 37% de plus qu’en 2018), l’acquisition de la fintech grecque Finartix, ainsi qu’une nouvelle implantation au…

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