C-Services is part of the Cronos Group and represents the group for the Luxembourg market. C-Services is headquartered in Capellen, Luxembourg. As of January 2018, C-Services and its sister companies addressing the European market have more than 460 consultants under contract in Luxembourg and Belgium. By creating a distinct delivery organisation dedicated to private companies and governmental entities in Luxembourg, Cronos wants to emphasize on the additional components that typically characterise these organisations, such as multilingualism, multi-cultural environments, complex decision processes and strongly regulated working methods and procedures. Specialising on private and public markets also allows C-Services to elaborate and better focus on the specific service delivery and quality assurance methodologies related to these complex environments.

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La valise Hi-Tech de l’été

Le soleil, le ciel bleu, les températures dépassant les 30 degrés même à Luxembourg !... Ça y est, l’été est bien là, avec ses bureaux qui se vident, la route (beaucoup !)…

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