Datacenter Luxembourg

Datacenter Luxembourg

Datacenter Luxembourg, founded in 2000, is an Internet Service Provider member of the DCL Group and operating out of Luxembourg. The company offers reliable datacenter infrastructure, international and telecom connectivity, IP Transit, cloud services, managed e-Commerce, colocation services and BGP Management. At the forefront of the industry for more than fifteen years, Datacenter Luxembourg provides a unique offering of multi-tier datacenters, from Tier II to Tier IV. Companies which want to achieve economies of scale, reduce spending on their IT infrastructure, secure their data, beneficiate of a full OPEX model and flexibility can take advantage of the cloud computing solutions provided by the company. In addition, the network of Datacenter Luxembourg is linked to the major Internet backbones, with connections to hundreds of exchange partners, which allows the company to provide high speed, low latency and redundant access.

Toutes les actualités de Datacenter Luxembourg

De nouvelles ambitions pour Datacenter Luxembourg

Datacenter Luxembourg poursuit sa croissance depuis ses nouvelles installations de Bettembourg. Orienté vers l’international, désireux de répondre aux besoins d’acteurs développant des activités liées à l’Internet, l’opérateur luxembourgeois est parvenu…

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