Finologee is a Luxembourg-based FinTech and RegTech specialist focusing on building digital ecosystems for the financial industry. It is the latest venture from the four seasoned entrepreneurs that developed Digicash, the Luxembourg’s retail banks’ mobile payment product and network.

Finologee runs a trusted digital platform that simplifies connectivity between financial institutions and a variety of FinTech solution providers, essentially enabling an “App” repository for its institutional clients. Institutions can more easily source and implement components that have been verified by Finologee such as ID document validation, video chat, electronic signatures, access to bank account (PSD2), various KYC and remediation tools, as well as some storage and messaging features. Finologee develops a variety of its own apps and aggregates best-in-class FinTech products into its platform.

Together with its sister company Mpulse, it is also the technical operator and provider of two strategic digital finance platforms in Luxembourg that it has built from scratch: the central SMS routing and clearing gateway, and the retail bank’s mobile payment platform and product Digicash.

Finologee operates under a full PSF de Support Licence and is regulated by the CSSF (Comission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier).



Tel: (+352) 27 75 08-1



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