POST Luxembourg

POST Luxembourg

POST Telecom, Branch Company of POST Luxembourg, delivers high quality telecom and ICT services to individuals and businesses. Its own infrastructures and data centres, enable the company to provide secure connectivity solutions, voice services, M2M & IoT managed connectivity and applications, as well as data management and ICT & Cloud solutions. POST Telecom products, solutions and services can also be delivered to clients under PSF status.
Customer satisfaction being the number one priority of the company, business customers benefit from a dedicated, flexible and skilled team to allow them to focus on their core business without having to worry about ICT issues. Today, 4 large teams are dedicated to the professional market in product management, sales and support areas.
Aware of the fast changing ecosystems, whether fixed, mobile or ICT, POST Luxembourg offers a one-stop shop that meets all its clients’ requirements. Our solutions are evolving with your needs, making your business life easier.

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#Sécurité, être plus forts ensemble

Récemment les CERTs publics et privés luxembourgeois se sont réunis au Ministère de l’Economie afin d’échanger sur des projets communs, de discuter sur le processus d’échange d’information concernant les vulnérabilités…

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