StorageOS Building New Container Storage Technology

VIDEO: Chris Brandon, founder and CEO of StorageOS, discusses his firm's approach to containers.

Chris-BrandonVIDEO: Chris Brandon, founder and CEO of StorageOS, discusses his firm’s approach to containers.

By Sean Michael Kerner, senior editor at eWEEK and

On June 20 and 21, the DockerCon conference descends on Seattle, and with it will come a multitude of vendors old and new talking about containers. Among the new vendors will be storage startup StorageOS, which will be discussing its container offerings.

In a video interview with eWEEK, Chris Brandon, founder and CEO of StorageOS, discusses the genesis of his company and what the technology is all about. Brandon noted that there is gap in storage capabilities in the DevOps marketplace today.

« We have focused and doubled down on being the enabler for storage in containers, » he said.As container popularity has grown, so too have different storage options. In Brandon’s perspective, StorageOS is different as it’s not a storage gateway technology.

« We’re an integrated storage array that runs in the container ecosystem with rkt [Rocket], Kubernetes and Docker, » he said. « We’re distributed across the nodes and provide full storage functionality, while everyone else is trying to connect external storage appliances. »

StorageOS’ technology is currently in a closed private beta, with a public beta release set to debut at DockerCon.

Watch the full video interview with Chris Brandon